How to Increase Start-Up Speed of Windows 8 Desktop Apps

Windows 8 is more tablet friendly than its predecessors – 7, Vista or XP. The more proof for this argument is the delay in start up of Windows 8 desktop apps. Though you cannot fully stop this built-in feature from happening, you can reduce this delay by using a registry tweak.

How To Speed-Up Start Up of Windows 8 Desktop Apps ?

In the previous versions of Windows, there used to be Shortcuts located in the StartUp folder. This StartUp folder was located in the old type of StartMenu. So as was the case with Windows 7, Vista and XP these items used to automatically startup up on logging into the desktop.

But with Windows 8, the interface completely changed. Now we have the Metro-UI and the Desktop mode. So the desktop applications do not startup as fast as in previous versions. There is a slight delay in the startup of these Windows 8 desktop applications. The same goes with other applications which start from different Registry locations.

In order to slightly speed-up this process, the following registry hack would suffice to overcome this problem.

1.    Open Registry editor (regedit.exe) and navigate to the following key:


If the “Serialize” key does not exist, then you should create it.

2.    Create a new DWORD parameter StartupDelayInMSec and set it to zero, as the screenshot indicates:

Registry Setting - Speed Up Windows 8 Desktop Apps

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Why this is Necessary ?

There are many operations in Windows 8 which require Desktop mode. It forces users from Metro-UI to Desktop mode for basic operations like file management, controlling the screen resolution, users permissions etc. For eg. if a user plugs in USB stick to his Windows 8 laptop and tries to copy files using File Explorer, he needs to switch to Desktop app again.

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So by making desktop apps start faster, one can make the process of file handling tasks much quicker.

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