How Technology Helps in Writing Skills Improvement

In the era of the Internet, everyone writes. If a couple of centuries ago, only chosen people could master the skills of writing, today almost everyone has writing skills at a more or less decent level.

Everyone, not only fiction authors or those who earn with the help of essay writing jobs, should own writing skills in our time. Therefore, the tips represented in the article will help every writing person.

Today there are many ways to improve your writing. The most important of them is self-development.

Here are some tips on writing skills promotion:

    • Subscribe to updates on several copywriting blogs that attract you. It will be useful for you to review the materials that are posted by more experienced comrades.
    • Remember that a competent writer is always engaged in self-education. Get useful literature, courses on copywriting. If you have opportunities – sign up for master classes.
    • If you have the opportunity – start a copyright blog or website. This is a great platform to share your thoughts with others, to place texts in the form of a portfolio and to attract new customers.
    • Join thematic social networking communities.
    • Write as often as possible. After all, with each written word, you are already improving, as the author.
    • Set specific goals. They should be clear, achievable and contain a fixed time frame.
    • Study your past work. The best is to study on your own mistakes.

If you have a desire to become a copywriter, if you want to write unique, original, high-quality texts and express your thoughts in an interesting way, you should use modern and popular software tools that are used daily by copywriters in their work.

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We decided to tell you how to improve your writing skills with the help of useful applications and computer programs.


Evernote is a cloud notepad for notes. Many of us, for sure, have seen this “green elephant” on their mobile phones and tablets. This application is often installed by default. Today more than 65 million people all over the world use Evernote.

Evernote is an application for important information managing. This is an electronic notebook where any information can be stored in the form of notes.

Evernote features:

    • universal workspace for notes, which greatly simplifies your life;
    • the application stores your projects, ideas and sources of inspiration on all devices that you use;
    • guarantees the ability to quickly find any information stored in your account. You can even search for handwriting notes in images;
    • after you install the application on your phone, all your data in Evernote is synchronized with each other automatically.


Scapple is a very simple and easy-to-use tool for ideas visual recording. It allows not only writing down ideas somewhere on the screen but also to easily connect them with each other, create a hierarchy of ideas, assembles them into groups, building one by one and even coloring.

In other words, Scapple is a very flexible tool for creating network maps or diagrams without any ideology restrictions or construction methodologies. Everything can be connected, moved and painted exactly as you need.

The resulting map can be saved in the format of Scapple itself, or it can be exported into a universal format for such kind of diagrams (and then edited in another tool).

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If Scapple is a tool for writing, and maybe even for ideas generating and their structuring, then Scrivener is a real specialized text development environment.

You can transfer the developed structure from Scapple to Scrinever and it will turn into a hierarchy of topics (a topic is a kind of text block united by one semantic medium), which you can later fill with all the necessary text without missing any of them.

Besides Scapple, Scrivener can easily create a structure from any other map saved in OPML format, for example, you can sketch the structure of your work in the Mind Manager, and then transfer all this to Scrivener.

Each separate topic appears to the writer in a completely independent unit, which can be written separately without interruption to any other text. This isolation allows you to more effectively, in terms of concentration, turn thoughts and ideas into a ready-made set of characters.

Daily Page

This is one of the ways to improve your writing skills. If you want to learn how to write, you need to do this as often as possible. Daily Page is a convenient online application for implementing this method.

Every morning it will send you a letter to your email address with a new topic, on which you need to write a short essay. All your entries are stored in the Daily Page in a private or public form.


A good writer is always a good reader. Bookmate is a convenient service that helps keep reading synchronized between different devices and platforms. Bookmate developers present it as a “book club”, where you can read existing or downloaded books on the site. Many of books available on the site are free, but access to the “basic funds” is paid.

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Of course, these are not all programs designed to help you in writing the text and improving your writing skills. Numerous reviews and blogs are devoted to such resources. All you need is to choose the one or several writing tools you like.

According to Emily Brown, our expert in the field of journalism, “still, not even the most perfect program will write a novel for the author”.

She also admits that technology actively spread not only into everyday life but also into the creative process. We can always choose if it becomes our secretary or the editor, if not the co-author, or continue working in the usual way. One thing is absolutely clear: there is no limit to the writer’s perfection. Therefore, we hope that our advice will help you with this.

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