In an earlier post, we have seen 25+ tips to improve Windows 10 speed. In this post we are going to see a different strategy for a fast PC.

Updates to Windows 10 close security vulnerabilities. At the same time, they slow down the computer also in 2019.

Outdated software, bulky applications, startup items, browser plugins, big and corrupt files etc are some of the other reasons.

Since Microsoft releases patches to these security updates, the issues will be resolved after sometime. If your PC becomes slow, it will be very difficult to do normal operations.

These include typing documents, opening apps, clicking to next screen, moving from one app to another, cleaning virus, uploading to cloud drives, deleting files, copying and moving folders from external HDD to internal disk, opening photos and videos etc.

Did you observe brand new Windows 10 Installation

If you use a laptop or desktop which has come pre-installed with OEM manufacturer based Windows 10 OS, it will come with lot of bloatware. For example, freemium anti-virus like McAfee or Norton slow down your PC.

The problem is different with an assembled PC. You have the privilege to install any Windows OS. Also, it is less likely that unwanted software come pre-installed.

You can always download the latest version of Windows 10 from here.

When you install using a reliable Windows 10 ISO image file, there is less tension of ransomware, virus, spyware, adware and malware.

Important Note: If you did not install any other software other than the OS itself, your PC should be running fast. It will be at blazing speed when you do any of the above operations I mentioned.
Though the speed of Windows 10 PC depends on various factors like processor, RAM, motherboard, L2 cache, graphics card, number of devices attached etc, you should see quick performance of your computer.
But how does the speed compare to when you have installed several applications, apps, software from wrong sources, bad display drivers, junk cleaners etc. Most of the times your Windows 10 PC slows down.

Most of the users attribute this to wrong Windows 10 OS design and contact Microsoft technical support for answers. Though it may be a technical issue, most-of-the-times, the cause is in your desktop itself.

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Keeping aside hardware problems, we can resolve the software issues very easily.

In this post we are going to see a different tweak to improve Windows 10 PC speed.

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer using CCleaner

As I said before, the causes behind the speed of your desktop or laptop depends on many factors. But today we are going to talk about CCleaner Free version tools which will help in removing unnecessary software.

1. Update your software to the latest versions (only Pro)
2. Uninstall not required programs, apps
3. Disable Browser plugins
4. Analyze your Disk Space

Let’s see the above features in detail.

You can download the latest and genuine version of CCleaner from for Free. The latest version is 5.55.7108. Once installed, you can start the application.
Important Warning: Create a system restore point before you apply any of the operations below.

Though CCleaner is primarily used to clean junk files, privacy cookies and left-over registry items, it can also be used as Windows 10 performance tool. On the left hand-side, you can see “Tools”.

Once you click on it there are different options.

Software Updater

This will automatically scan your computer and find the programs installed on your computer. It will show in two tabs.
1. Programs to Update
2. Up-to-date Programs

The second list will show the applications which are already up-to-date. Their current version is also displayed.

In the first tab, you can see the programs which need a update. You can see the current version, new version and installation file size. Once you click “Update all” it will automatically update all software to the latest version.

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update software to speed up windows 10 pc

How can this speed up your PC

As we have said already, Windows 10 releases updates from time to time. So, the software also has to be compatible with the new release. If they are old, there can be some issues between the system files and application code. This can take up resources and can hog the PC performance.

For example, Google Chrome has been lately updated. If you are still using the old version, you can have security problems. This in-turn can cause slowness of the PC.


A list of apps and programs installed on your Windows 10 computer are displayed here. The advantage of this tool over “Programs and Features” in Control Panel is that, even apps are also listed here. Though you can uninstall apps manually, all of them do not appear as here.

It is very good for the user look and easy to uninstall the programs and apps.

uninstall apps for faster windows 10 pc

How can this improve speed

As we said before, too many apps and programs may clutter your OS. Even if your hardware is good enough, a couple of apps or programs can take lot of resources of your computer.

If that app or program is completely necessary, then you have to troubleshoot it individually. But if you think it is unnecessary, you can remove from here.


Using Task Manager in Windows 10, you can disable “start up” items. But in CCleaner Tool, you also see items which are not seen there.

For example, in my Windows 10 PC, I can see Adobe ARM, AdobeAAMUpdater, AdobeGCInvoker, NvBackend kind of processes starting up during boot.

If you can disable such items during startup it will improve boot speed and you can quickly gain access to your desktop.

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This will also make sure that unnecessary parts of an important program don’t run during normal operations of your computer.

disable startup items for quick boot windows 10

Browser Plugins

This is another important tool from CCleaner. When you install different extensions, add-ons for your browsers, lot of redundant plugins get added to them.

This will hinder the speed of your browser. As Chrome and Firefox are the main browsers, most people use, it is necessary you use only important plugins.

disable browser plugins for windows 10 pc

How can this Increase Windows 10 Speed

If you observe the Task Manager, the major CPU and RAM resource hog is your browser. The more number of tabs you have, the more amount of hardware usage takes place.

This will slow down other operations of your computer, as it cannot give enough CPU and RAM power to other apps and programs. So if you have a bad browser plugin, it will still slow down your computer and take lot of browser resources.

For example, in my computer, I found unnecessary browser add-ons like Microsoft SkyDrive Pro Browser Helper, Adobe Acrobat Create PDF Toolbar, PDF Helper etc. Once you disable it will give better speed to your computer.

Disk Analyzer

This tool will help find the big files on your computer. If your hard-disk is short on storage space, then you can delete unnecessary files and folders.

Also you can find any system, rogue and virus files, which can sometime take up space and resources also. This is basically to analyze your disk space.

disk space analyzer windows 10 pc


As mentioned earlier, these CCleaner tools will aid in speed benefit of your Windows 10 computer. They cannot magically increase your system performance if your hardware or other settings are not correct.

These above tweaks should help in removing common problems faced for a slow PC. In addition to that, using the cleaning and registry cleaner of CCleaner can also remove temp files which can speed up your Windows 10 PC.

If you like this post, please let me know your comments.

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