GAQM CSM Certification: Why It’s a Must Have for You

Projects are tedious to handle, more especially when it involves a large team. The team may deviate from following the given guidelines and may at times lose focus.

This leads to low-quality end products and unmet project deadlines. Introduction of Scrum and Certified Scrum Master has made projects and product development easier.

With a Scrum Master in project management, you are assured that he project will run smoothly and as per the set guidelines and processes.

Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) is the association that offers Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification. demonstrates your knowledge of Scrum terminology, principles, and practices.

GAQM CSM Certification Training Course

Certified Scrum Master is an Agile Project Management Framework for managing and developing software products and projects. A Scrum Master handles a team working on a Scrum process.

One acts as a buffer between the team and the distracting influences. It is the role of a Scrum Master to make sure that the specified rules are followed throughout the process and focus is maintained.

Why is GAQM CSM-001 certification exam so popular?

  • GAQM CSM certification helps in expanding career opportunities.
  • Having gained a certification, one joins a team of recognized Scrum experts.
  • With the CSM certification in your pocket, you are aware of the foundation of Scrum and are considered a real Scrum Master.
  • Projects and product development led by Scrum Masters are of high quality.

Why should you become CSM certified?

  • To join a community of Scrum Professionals

CSM certification makes you part of the professional Scrum community. Through this, you build your people network which can take your career to the next level. You also gain a valuable experience as a member of this community.

  • Career Opportunities

CSM credential opportunities

CSM credential helps you start a career in software. You gain a lot of skills and experience needed in software development through the course. You can, therefore, be able to tackle most jobs in the IT industry.

  • To get a Scrum Alliance Membership

CSM certification gives you a two-year access to Scrum Alliance’s online portal. Through this portal, you become part of local groups and networks in the Scrum field. By acquiring Scrum Alliance Membership you also receive a CSM logo that shows that you are a qualified Scrum Master.

  • Acquire Scrum Expertise

Becoming CSM certified professional, verifies your skills as a Scrum Master.

It shows an employer that you are conversant with Scrum methodology and you can lead a team.

Interaction with an expert Certified Scrum Master during the course also increases your experience.

How to become CSM certified

The following are steps that lead to CSM certification:

  1. Attending a Scrum Master course. The course that takes two days is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
  2. Register for the Scrum Master Certification Program online.
  3. Get an Exam Access Code.
  4. Take the CSM certification exam.
  5. Accept the License Agreement.
  6. Complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.
  7. Download a soft copy of your certificate.

SCRUM Master Course details

GAQM CSM certification overview

In order to take the CSM certification exam, you have to attend a two-day CSM training course. The training course involves an interactive face to face session with a Certified Scrum Master 8 hours a day for two days.

There are two packages for this course: the Premium and Standard.

The Premium package that costs $150 includes an exam voucher, while the Standard package costing $60 requires a candidate to purchase the exam voucher separately at $128.

The e-course validity for the Standard package is 20 days, while that of the Premium package is 40 days from the day of purchase.

CSM-001 exam is closed-book and consists of 40 multiple choice questions and a completion time of 60 minutes.

To pass this test you have to answer at least 28 questions correctly, which is a minimum score of 70%.

A candidate who purchases the Premium package will receive a hardcopy certificate once they achieve the passing score.

On, the other hand, if you had purchased a Standard package e-course, you will receive a soft copy of your certification. These certifications are valid for a lifetime.

In case you do not pass the exam at the first attempt, you can take the second or any other subsequent attempt after 7 days.

GAQM CSM certification overview

How to pass GAQM CSM-001 exam

  • Understand the exam objectives
  • Be familiar with the GAQMBoK (Body of Knowledge)
  • Go through the CSM complete guidebook
  • Gather the recommended preparation materials
  • Prepare in advance
  • Understand the concepts of

Tips for passing GAQM CSM-001 certification exam

  • Do practice tests

If you want to pass the CSM certification exam, then you have to practice until you are confident that you have a profound understanding of the concepts and the objectives well.

For that, you need to look for past exams and practice them. By doing this, you will familiarize yourself with the exam objectives, as well as learn how to manage your time effectively.

  • Cover all the exam topics

Make sure when preparing for the exam that you revise all exam topics.

  • Join a discussion group

Through discussions, you get to understand exam topics in depth. A topic discussed also sticks in your mind longer.

Here is my personal experience of passing GAQM CSM-001 exam

I had never thought of CSM certification until I completed my degree course in IT and could not land a job as fast enough as I expected.

After my research about the CSM certification, I decided to get this credential, since projects and software development had always been in the field of my close interest.

It was also a certification that had grown in popularity, and hence more marketable.

When I was fully ready, I attended the Scrum Master course for the two days as required. During these two days, I learned so much about the course.

The Certified Scrum Master instructor who took me through the course explained each concept in depth, making the whole course easier to grasp.

Apart from the course, I gathered some exam preparation materials online that really helped understand the concepts better. I made good use of study guides and practice tests.

When I felt ready I registered and started doing the exam. Since there is no time limit for doing the exam, I did the exam in two days.

I reviewed and read questions carefully before attempting them.

CSM exam is one of the easiest exams. However, just like any other exam, without proper preparation and a thorough knowledge of key concepts, it is possible to fail.

Preparing for the certification CSM-001 exam, use a many resources as possible. Find training courses, video lectures, read, practice exam dumps, etc.

Are GAQM CSM-001exam dumps helpful?

The power of exam dumps cannot be underestimated.

Not only do they help you know what to expect in the actual exam but you also get to identify your weak areas through them.

Most questions and answers will help you to be efficiently prepared for the certification exam.

With the advancement of technology today, CSM certification has become one of the most popular certifications in most organizations all over the world.

It has highly been embraced because of high-quality end results of projects and products.

It is, therefore, a certification you need to look for if you are aiming at career advancement and great opportunities in as far as successful project execution is concerned.

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