Recover RAID Data– The Best Software Tool which works Perfectly

The most important feature you need in today’s digital age is backup and data recovery. There are lot of cloud storage services, where you can back up your significant files. But the price is high for such services and data storage is less.

In this regards, I get a chance to review Stellar Data Recovery Technician. With a provided license to test this product, I am grateful to its management team. I installed the latest version 8.0 on my computer. The configuration of my desktop was as follows.


  •  Operating System
  •      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  •   CPU
  •      Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz          47 °C
  •      Wolfdale 45nm Technology
  •   RAM
  •       8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20)
  •    Motherboard
  •         Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. G41MT-S2P (Socket 775)  45 °C
  •    Graphics
  •       P225HQ (1920×1080@60Hz)
  •       1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 210 (ASUStek Computer Inc)          61 °C
  •    Storage
  •      931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1ER162 ATA Device (SATA )         47 °C
  •      74GB Seagate ST380211AS ATA Device (SATA )          51 °C
  •    Optical Drives
  •       SONY DVD RW AD-7260S ATA Device
  •     Audio
  •        VIA HD Audio(Win 10)


Generally, you use external HDD or USB or RAID array to backup or store photos, videos, music and other files. But if the disk gets fail, you have no way of getting them back. In such cases, third-party tools like Stellar Data Recovery Technician comes to the rescue.

It can recover lost or inaccessible data from RAID 0, RAID 5 & RAID 6 drives; monitor drive performances and repair corrupt videos and photos.

According to Wikipedia,

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks, originally Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

If you want more information and in-depth understanding of RAID, you can go here.

The premium RAID features of this software product are

  • RAID 0, 5, & 6 Data Recovery
  • Preview of Recovered RAID Data
  • Recovery from Virtual RAID Construction
  • Recovery from Storage Drive that has Bad Sectors
  • Software and Hardware RAID Recovery
  • Drive Recovery

There are some additional features which it can do

  • Performs Deep Scan
  • Optical Media Recovery
  • Automatic Detection of RAID Factor
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Supports All RAID Controllers
  • Repair corrupt or damaged Photos
  • Video Repair
  • Real-Time Inbuilt Drive Monitor

This software tool is especially useful when you have data loss. It can be used with all the Windows versions. The software generally supports file system such as NTFS, HFS, HFS+, Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4.

There is no exception on the file system format, you can use “File List” option to add new file format or extensions to get supported by the software.  It supports all type of CD/DVD formats like CDFS, UDF, HFS+ file system.

This RAID Recovery Software is not limited to the above features. Since you can recover data, any old data like photos, media, videos, audio on old drives can be regained with ease.

  • Support to search specific type of files in a logical drive/specific folder.
  • Support to search specific folder for lost & deleted data.
  • Automatic switching from Quick Scan to deep scan if the result of quick scan is not up to mark.
  • Support of Windows 10, including all previous Windows OS.
  • Preview of files before recovery
  • Raw recovery of volumes and hard drives to search data based on signatures
  • Recovers data from accidently deleted volumes
  • Recovers data from formatted volumes
  • Easily Recovers deleted files and folders

How to Recover RAID Data with Ease in 2019

The main features of Stellar Data Recovery Technician comes in the usage of RAID drives. It has four major components.

  1. Recover Data
  2. Monitor Drive
  3. Repair Video
  4. Repair Photo

How to Repair Photo

As I don’t have RAID technology to test this software, I am testing this product on HDD, SSD, USB External Hard Drive, DVD, USB Drive. Since we can also repair video and photo, I tested this feature which was available to me.

I took 3 corrupted image files and used the “Repair Photo” functionality of the above tool and it worked exactly as mentioned. One of the images was 450×338 pixels and the recovered image was of the same size. The error image was of 72dpi quality and 24 bit depth. Its size was 16,114 bytes.

The recovered image was of 96dpi and 24bit depth quality. It’s size was 12,934 bytes. As can be observed with the other two images also, there was a reduction in picture storage size.

The “Repaired files” were stored in a separate folder which existed in the same folder where the corrupt image and video files existed.

As proof of existence, the repaired files can be seen here below.

How to Repair Video

I took the same experiment with video also. The corrupt video file was of 35.56 MB. It was a .mov file. The recovery process took approx. 3 minutes.

The corrupted video file was shaky and the video was displaying scattered images. But the recovered file was smooth and 18.2 MB in size.

I also tried to repair VOB format file which is common with DVD discs. But it was not supported by this software. I hope they will extend this functionality in the next version.

The Stellar Drive Monitor module had the following features.

  1. Disk Status
  2. Smart Status
  3. Disk Partition
  4. Scan Disk
  5. Clone Disk

The Disk Status was showing temperature, performance and health of the hard-disk. You can also get the following details.

  1. Disk number
  2. Model Number
  3. Firmware Revision
  4. Interface type
  5. Serial Number
  6. Total Sectors

The Smart Status showed different attributes like raw read error rate, spin up time, star stop count, reallocated sector CT, seek error rate, power on hours, spin retry count, power cycle count and reported Incorrect.

I can see a green tick mark with “Smart Status as Passed” for my hard drive. This is enough for common users to understand that their hard disks are working with good performance.

The Disk Partition tab was showing all the logical and primary partitions available on the hard-drive. The Scan Disk will show the disk size, total sectors and Block size. It will indicate the bad sectors if any on the disk.

This is like the error-detection tool of Windows.


The best feature I like about Stellar Data Recovery Technician tool is the ability to recover deleted files and folders from different format drives like SSD, HDD, USB, Flash drives etc. It supports 300 or more file types which is not possible by any other tool. Most of the tools stick to recovery of photos and videos.

It can also be used as a backup tool. If you need a system restore of your OS to another hard-drive it can be done. You can just create a system image of your volume or partition.

To test the Recover Data feature I used a USB pen drive. It was of 32 GB in size. It was formatted earlier several times which contained data. But when I scanned this drive, the results was the same data as on the disk. But the process completed quickly.

The deep scan feature of the software is very helpful. When I did a deep scan, more deleted folders and files were visible.

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