Best Writing Tools and Software to Make Your Content Brilliant in 2019

Those creating content know how much effort and time is put into this seemingly trivial activity. You intend to spend some twenty minutes researching the topic you want to cover on your blog. Still, after a while, you look at your watch and realize you have spent three hours creating a small post.

Indeed, so many details should be considered prior to putting your thoughts into words. You don’t just do a lot of research and planning, but also come up with fresh ideas and conspicuous titles to grab your readers’ attention.

Of course, content makers draw inspiration from different sources, which allows them to produce tons of marketable content on a daily basis. Still, inspiration and enthusiasm tend to dwindle away over time.

Every writer, be it an amateur or renowned professional, needs some extra help for creating worthwhile content.

There are a number of useful tools any blogger, copywriter, or an ordinary student can use to streamline and improve their content writing process. We suggest that you check out the most popular ones.

Become a More Efficient Writer with TextExpander

TextExpander is an indispensable application for writers dealing with text or code patterns. The ​​TextExpander’s mission is both simple and ingenious. This program offers a solution to several problems many of us constantly deal with, but often don’t acknowledge their presence.

First of all, we are talking about the need to type large amounts of text. Typing identical sequences of letters or other characters is a boring, monotonous work that does not contribute to writers’ professional development. On the contrary, it takes away their precious time and quickly tires them out.

Of course, this method won’t be that useful when creating highly unique, original content. Still, when there is a need to generate standard blocks of texts for some documents or mass emails, TextExpander can come in handy.

Make Your Texts More Readable with Hemingway App

Our life is hectic. It’s meaningless to argue otherwise. Content marketing statistics show that an average visitor spends less than a minute on a certain web resource. Therefore, it’s imperative for a writer to create easy-to-read and easy-to-understand texts, even when dealing with a complicated topic.

Ability to use plain language for communicating sophisticated ideas and explaining difficult concepts can help you garner attention from a wider audience. If you want to make sure your content is both engaging and easy-to-read, don’t hesitate to visit Hemingway App.

Hemingway App is a free open-source application that identifies lengthy, complex sentences in your piece of writing.

It also corrects the most common errors writers tend to make in their texts, such as passive constructions, run-ons, collocations, irrelevant pronouns, etc.

There is also a convenient toolbar on the website. You can use it to format your text and incorporate necessary changes.

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Make Brand New Content with Plagiarism Detection Tools

You already know that duplicating content is not only a shameful practice, but also copyright infringement. No one will treat you as a serious trustworthy writer, if you don’t produce original content.

Therefore, such a strong emphasis is always put on content uniqueness. The problem is that very often people “borrow” somebody else’s ideas without even knowing that. That’s when plagiarism detection tools come in handy.

Grammarly is a time-tested online anti-plagiarism program millions users rely on to check the originality of their texts. It scans numerous online sources and detects possible content matches.

Moreover, Grammarly can help you improve your language skills. It detects misspelled words and grammatical errors, which can undermine your credibility as a writer.

So, if you’re aiming to create highly original and error-free content, consider using Grammarly.

You can also opt for ordering high-quality content for your blog or website from

Make Your Content More Appealing with Giphy

It is not a secret that images and GIFs enliven posts and articles, make them more appealing to readers. Giphy is an online GIF-making tool that enables you to create original, funny, eye-catching GIFs you can share with your friends or followers.

All you need to do is to select a video from YouTube or any other video sharing site, upload it to Giphy, and make a GIF out of it. You can also accompany your new GIFs with some original captions.

Hope the tools we have picked will help you create terrific content!

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