[Sponsored] Transfer Photos, Music, Videos etc between iPhone and PC with WinX MediaTrans

The battle between Apple and Microsoft was before the millenium. The connection betwen iPhone and PC is also similar. You need to transfer photos, mp3, videos and many from iPad to laptop. Though you can use a Mac to do it, it may not be the case for non-US countries.

Why should you link iPhone and PC

Though Microsoft has taken over Nokia and introduced Windows phones, they are not a hit. It is a known fact, that iPhone has the major share of smart phones. And, Microsoft is known to occupy the PC and laptop software market share.

So, there is a connection required between these devices, as it is a multiple device household now. You use a SmartTV for viewing 4K UHD videos, laptop for Office work, PC for cheap and fast gaming configuration.

Then comes the Internet.

You have cloud storage and incompatibility. We all know Apple uses it own hardware and software for Mac and iPhone. Just like that, Microsoft uses Intel processors and Office 365 applications.

You need smart apps or programs for converting one format to another.

That’s where third-party tools comes into play. WinX MediaTrans comes with lot of loaded features for sync of iPhone and PC. You can also use the WinX MediaTrans Free Trial to free transfer 30 videos/music/photos, etc every day

What are the features of WinX MediaTrans

To start with, it just does the required task of transfer photos between iPhone and PC very quickly. You don’t require any iTunes, iCloud or not even Wi-Fi. Just connect your OTG to both the devices and you are ready to go.

The best part is that it can be used as an USB drive also. You can carry the Office files from your laptop to your iPhone and transfer them securely to your Office desktop.

Just as I said before, conversion of formats is the inherent advantage here. If you are playing MKV kind of videos on your PC, they can be converted to iPhone format. Reducing the file size of videos to half their size without quality loss, is another important feature.

Another great feature is the use of 4K and 1080p HD videos and movies. You can just transfer them from PC to iPhone and vice-versa.

Music transfer features is one of the best. You can shuffle them between your iOS 11 GM and Windows 10 without fuss. You can protect the encrypted and copyright information and prevent file erarsing as happened in the Windows 1809 update.

One can create playlist of songs, modify and delete them if required. Without using iTunes, you can edit artist and album info, as if you are tampering with the meta data.

The use of smartphone is the huge number of ring tones. You can add, export and make them in this software. One can also auto convert them from iPhone format to AAC or MP3, to suit your PC needs.

WinX MediaTrans helps you back up your iPhone data, without deleting any files. iTunes sync may cause data loss sometimes and they are there any more in you iOS device also. Without using iTunes, using this software you can sync media content between iPhone/iPad and PC very easily.

The next feature of WinX MediaTrans is that it protects your videos and images from other seeing with a strong protection. This includes unbreakable encryption like 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2.

You can encrypt photo and video files transferred from iOS to PC and also in hard disk. Prevent brute-force attack from knowing your passwords.

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