How to Secure your Windows PC from Hackers – 10/8.1/7

To secure Windows 10 pc from virus, malware, trojans, hackers we need a strong solution. The common strategy is to install firewall, antivirus, antispyware, browser security settings and many more. The traditional methods help you to keep hackers at bay. But in some cases you need strong security for financial and privacy purposes.

If you are browsing through torrent websites or abusive pages, there are many chances that your internet settings are blocked or changed. Especially torrent downloads produce unwanted system change.

I recently had to format my system, when my Google Adsense page was not opening due to malware.

Why Windows Security is Important

You have files and folders that need to be password protected. You also require multilayer protection, over the normal antivirus product. Windows Defender has improved many-a-times but still lacks some features. Recently Windows 10 1809 had a fallout of security upgrade which deleted many files, updating zip files was problematic and group policy changes got caught up.

12 Features Product to make your Computer Secure

In such scenario you need powerful security solution that protects your PC from hackers. At a very basic level WinLock Professional  does this job very decently. Let’s see what are the features it has in it’s main page.

  • Smart Restrictions
  • Internet restrictions
  • USB authentication
  • Parental control
  • Snapshots
  • Guest password
  • Remote control
  • Data protection
  • Onscreen timer
  • Removable devices
  • Executable protection
  • Priority support

How to put Password on computer Windows 7

This can be done easily with User Accounts in Control Panel. Generally, a password is created during the installation phase itself. But if you want to put password on computer in Windows 7 , you need to select the user account. Then create it. You need to click on “Manage another account” and list of accounts are visible. You can also create a new account here and set the password.

In Windows 7 and previous versions, Security Essentials does not protect the PC from ransomware and other attacks. In old systems, this is a much needed security solution product. The main feature is to encrypt selected files, folders and apps. In this way, even if some bad thing happens to system files, you can still protect your data files.

A Complete Review about WinLock Professional for PCs

On the top we have 3 tabs.
1. Protection
2. Profile
3. Tools

Use the first mode, you can enable protection, pause, lock, create guest password, usb key security (hardware security so that no-one else can access your PC. Then you can set different profiles.

This is useful if you want strong or low-level protection. Sometimes, you just want to secure system files and have free flow to internet. These things can be changed based on profile settings.

There are default profiles like dialogs.wlp, games.wlp, websites.wlp and many more. The extension stands for winlock settings profile. You can create, new, save, reset profiles etc.

The tools menu is helpful as password generator with strong phrases, take a snapshot, encrypt or decrypt file (lockbox). The help menu is where you can register your product with an activation key. The WinLock Professional costs around $31.70. A one-time fee compared to the membership or monthly fees collected for different products these days.

The General option

You can enable or disable protection by this security product. You can also use a password to protect its settings. They can be applied to a particular user who has no administrator privileges also.

Use the settings, you can ask for password to run restricted executable’s, enable instant lock, system monitoring, self-protection and many more. The notifications option will produce sound on a particular action like when an application or site is blocked for security purposes.

You can also log events when a file or folder is deleted, shared, computer locked, application blocked, media inserted etc.

Remote administration can be used to access this product from a distant location or office.

The System Option for better Security

The following options are supported here. As administrators you can prevent unauthorized use by your company employees of the system. This will influence for false deleting of registry entries, misuse of management console etc.

You can disable right-click, close command, maximize, main menu etc.

Some of the items like run, search, log off, shutdown, documents can be hidden by WinLock. The same can be done to taskbar settings like hide tray items, tray context menu, taskbar redock etc. For Windows 10 you can disable Action centre, disable edge panels etc.

The active desktop, sidebar, changing wallpaper etc can also be protected by this software. Some of the hot keys can be prevented from changing by malware, adware and protect mouse to prevent drag and drop.

You can also block access to certain drives and also USB storage.

How to Protect Internet Settings

One of the main things that happen to Internet Explorer users is that their home page is changed, history, favorites deleted, search bar changed with a different search engine and many things. These all can be protected here.

You can disable printing, file download, view source, history bar, right-click menu, internet options etc.

Trusted sites can be added, so all other sites are disabled. Add any new site, import any new list or export them to a txt file. You can also restrict sites based on porn, sex, abusive, torrent etc.

Access Protection for Powerful Encryption

This is an advanced feature and should be used with immediate caution. Since you can lock certain windows features based upon name and file, you should be very careful. If you forget the encrypt password, it will be tough to regain it back.

But this adds to the high-level securit this product serves. You can add trusted .exe files, so no unauthorized files execute in your absence or by malware sites. Restrict certain executables from accessing data or working.

The main security comes when you want to protect your files or folders with a password, so no children or other users can delete them. In that way, your personal files, office files, privacy folders can be protected from unauthorized use.


In my experience, I want to thank Crystal Office system for providing a Pro license to test this software. I enabled protection with a small pin to test its use. It was working flawlessly. I also imported a profile. This automatically imported restricted sites which were banned from opening.

Unfortunately the internet settings work only for Internet Explorer. If these features are added for Chrome and Firefox it would be great. I added “” to my restrict list and asked to open a new page on action. It exactly did the same in IE11.

The main element to see how it impacts system resources and performance. It was found it uses very low cpu and ram, in Windows 7. I hope it does the same in Win 10 and 8.1.

The “LockBox” feature was also working as expected. When I encrypted a file with it, it create a file with .enc extension. I misunderstood that the file would not open without a password. But during the encryption process, I chose not to delete the file. So both the “original” and “encrypted” versions existed. Now to unlock the .enc encrypt file, you have to decrypt again with a password.

Even for protection of access permissions, it happened the same. I think when you are on a Administrator account these privileges may not work. It should work on normal user or guest accounts.

Happy securing your pc, from hackers.

How to Secure your Windows PC from Hackers – 10/8.1/7
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