Signalling Security Protects Your Family’s Privacy

Have you ever wondered about what goes on when you try to make a Phone call, a Text, or an Internet chat to your friends and family?

Today’s Technology is so complex, that a majority of regular citizens do not have the time to investigate, or look into what makes technology “convenient”, or better yet – how safe it can be.

In this article, we will discuss what Signalling and Signalling Security is – and how it can protect your family’s privacy. You see, for every channel of communication you use through technology, whether it be a telephone call or a simple text message, it is still considered as “signalling”.

This means that with just one click of your phone, it is possible that your information is being carried around the world. What goes beyond a simple digital message is so complex and technical. It is more than just hitting that send or call button.

Safekeeping your Data and Private Information

Telecommunication companies have specific security measures in place to have all of your data and private information secured.

But the million-dollar question is – how far does this security measures go? How safe is it to send a text message nowadays?

Even online social media platforms and communities try their best to create a trusting atmosphere by guaranteeing a secure environment for these personal information that you might not know you’re sharing.

High-profiled companies ensure accountability for your confidential information, and yes, you can rely on these operators to protect our privacy.

But sometimes, no matter how secure you think your mobile network is, there will be some intricacies. Everything that happens online and offline is still hack-able through the signals being transmitted to different servers.

For instance, there is a certain system that connects one mobile phone to another to allow the exchange of calls and texts. And once attackers or hackers gain access, they can record and forward calls, read SMS and track location.

This only means that anyone with a mobile phone is vulnerable, especially your family, so the best thing to do is consider these security measures which will help everyone in your home to maintain their privacy.

This is why it is very crucial to take certain precautionary measures to protect your own private information, and not just rely on “encrypted messages” and “protected servers”. This is also the reason why it is highly recommended to use Signalling Firewall.

Think Before you Click is cliché

Aside from being careful of what information you share, Signalling Firewall can help your mobile network to protect your information.

With the help of Signalling Firewall, your network will be able to detect threats and prevent attacks such as tracking, fraud, spam and more.

Additionally, your contacts and the content of your messages are protected. The SMS Router returns fake and/or masked details for IMSI/MSC addresses when there are any suspicious query for your information.

Not only that, but through Signalling Security, mobile networks can protect your family’s vital information, keeping everything private and secured.

Having a Signalling Firewall in pace they get detailed reports and alerts for any issue encountered in the network.

Protect your Data from Attackers

Invest in signalling firewalls and threat intelligence solution actively prevent the attackers from snooping on your data.

Emerging systems really demand security and privacy mechanisms, and these really do well in assisting your family regarding this matter and in stopping any new undefined threats such as GSMA Category 1,2 and 3 attack through smart algorithms.

Lastly, be mindful of the applications you install on your device. Most of the time, they ask for your phone’s feature or data like photos, contacts, etc. Remember, even if an app is free, you’re paying for it in some way.

Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry! Taking these precautionary measures and using a network that secured it’s Signalling is a great investment for you and your family’s safety.

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