WhatsApp in 2018 – Windows Phone and Other Features

The latest WhatsApp version 2.18.307 which is 32.06 MB updated on 9th Oct, 2018 is full of new features. Payments, Group description feature, Group Video calling, Location and time stickers, Apple Carplay, YouTube Integration and Location sharing are some of them. In India, using the UPI method of payment option, you can connect a list of banks.

Other WhatsApp users also need to activate the payment option. Then you can send money to each other. I just tried this option and it is very easy.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Mobile

How to Implement Payments in WhatsApp?

  1. Go to “Settings” by clicking the 3 dots at the top.
  2. Click on “Payments’.
  3. Add a Bank account from the available list of banks.
  4. To link your bank account, use the same mobile number for both WhatsApp and Bank.
  5. If so, your bank account will be automatically detected.
  6. A message will be sent from your WhatsApp to your bank, when you are adding for the first time.
  7. To send Payment to somebody on WhatsApp, just click the “Attachment” icon and the option will appear.
  8. Other person will be notified, if he’s not on WhatsApp Payments.

This is so secure and easy to send money to your friends.

WhatsApp Software in times of Disaster

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What are the Other WhatsApp Features in October 2018?

The Delete for Everyone feature is another useful one. In the speed of things, you might have sent a message to your friend. But later you regretted that it should be sent to someone else. Just select the message and click on delete icon.

Earlier the time limit for such operation was only 7 minutes, within which you have to click the delete icon. But it has been extended to 68 minutes. This is also useful in group chat.

WhatsApp groups are the backbone of this utility. But if any other person wants to join the group, he doesn’t know why that group is created. For this purpose a 500 character group description is possible now. The group chat will get a notification on the new description.

Earlier video calling was added to WhatsApp. But now you can add more members on a video chat. Using the group video calling a team conference, friendly group chat and family meetings are so easy.

What’s in for Windows Phone users?

To some of the users, a new feature in the Calling UI was introduced. Both Voice and Video calling are supported on WhatsApp. But shifting from one to another may require to stop the current chat. In this new version, a message will be sent to the other user when you want to shift from Voice to Video chat. The other user just need to accept it.

This Facebook owned company is still committed to Windows users. You might have left some groups and don’t want to return back. But the group admins might try to add you back. The latest update prevents this process.

WhatsApp for Windows users allows users to get back to message you missed in a group chat. Admins also can remove permissions of other admins. You can also find any other member by searching.

WhatsApp in 2018 – Windows Phone and Other Features
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