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The Microsoft 70-774 exam focuses on evaluating the candidate’s knowledge of Azure Machine Learning to perform certain cloud data science operations successfully.

As the individuals get a certification from Microsoft for passing this test, it adds great value to the careers of data scientists and data analysts.

By passing the Microsoft 70-774 certification exam, an individual can prove his or her knowledge of using Azure Machine Learning concepts in different ways. So, let’s find out the exam details and skills measured in this test.

Exam Details

As Microsoft never provides the test takers with the exact number of questions of the upcoming exams, you may never know how many questions you will be required to answer.

Nevertheless, the total number usually does not exceed 50. Most of the questions are multiple choice with several correct answers, but the test may also include some scenario-based questions that evaluate certain abilities of the candidates.

Additionally, wrong answers do not lead to point deduction, so the test takers can answer the questions that they are not sure about by simply guessing!

The Microsoft 70-774 certification exam covers a vast range of topics related to Azure Machine Learning, so if you don’t prepare well for the test, it will be really difficult for you to pass it with flying colors.

Also, you have to be quick to finish the exam within the time limit.

Skills Measured

This certification test is designed for checking the skills and knowledge of data scientists or data analysts in regard to machine learning and common data science techniques and processes, including transforming and filtering data sets, as well as doing model estimation and evaluation.

This exam intends to measure the candidate’s ability to accomplish multiple technical tasks successfully.

Check out the list of skills that an individual should possess before taking the Microsoft 70-774 certification test on PrepAway: https://www.prepaway.com/70-774-exam.html

  • Importing and exporting data either from Azure SQL Database or to Azure Machine Learning via Hive Queries
  • Exploring and summarizing the entire data
  • Cleansing the needed data and using it for Azure Machine Learning by applying filters
  • Performing feature engineering effectively
  • Merging multiple datasets into a single dataset
  • Developing any Machine Learning Model according to the organization’s needs
  • Selecting and using the best algorithm or method for cloud data science
  • Initializing and validating the appropriate data models
  • Operating and managing different Azure Machine Learning Services effectively
  • Managing projects and workspaces for Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploying different data models using Azure Machine Learning
  • Consuming different Cognitive Services APIs
  • Building neural networks by using Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Performing database analytics operations by using SQL Server R Services

Basically, the Microsoft 70-774 exam is going to judge the test taker’s abilities to use Azure Machine Learning for solving critical cloud data science operations. Without having the required knowledge and skills, the candidates can’t pass this test.

Target Audience

Both fresh candidates and experienced data scientists can take this certification test.

But keep in mind that the Microsoft 70-774 exam is mainly for the data scientists or data analysts who want to improve their machine learning skills and gain more knowledge on Azure Machine

Learning for performing could data science operations effectively.

If you are a data scientist or a data analyst, then you should take this exam and improve your knowledge and skills on your area of work.

In this way, you can boost your career options and get more salary hikes than your colleagues. If you are a fresh candidate and want to work as a data scientist or a data analyst in a reputed IT company, then you can take this test and have the chance to get your dream job.

Exam Prerequisites

Though there are no such prerequisites for taking the Microsoft 70-774 exam, it’s mainly for the professional data scientists and data analysts.

At the same time, fresh candidates can also sit for this test when trying to increase their chances of getting a job position in a reputed company.

When preparing for this certification test, the students will learn how to use Azure cloud services for building and deploying effective cloud data science solutions. Those candidates who have enough knowledge and skills in Azure Machine Learning can take the exam as well.

For passing the test, a good understanding of cloud data science and Azure data services is a must. So, the professionals with knowledge in the areas of machine learning and data science can easily pass the test.

The candidates with enough experience in publishing effective APIs and performing cloud data science tasks are well-equipped for the exam.

Preparation Tips

If you are not sure from where to start your preparation for the test, check out the feedback of the previous exam takers first.

After that, take a look at the exam syllabus and understand its objectives. Obviously, you cannot start your preparation without being absolutely confident that you know what topics to learn. To help you prepare for the test adequately, we have made a list of tips that will surely help you get the credential with no issues.

  • Cover all the exam topics thoroughly. It’s important that you touch each and every exam topic while preparing for the test.
    • You can gain vital knowledge by studying from books and watching online tutorial videos.
    • You can order most of the preparation guides on Azure Machine Learning online.
    • Apart from this, you can also attend online lectures covering different topics related to the Microsoft 70-774 exam.
  • Make use of the latest exam dumps from PrepAway. You can’t pass the test only by reading Microsoft books or watching video tutorials online.
    • It is essentials that you have to understand the general pattern of its questions, and for this you have to take a lot of practice tests.
    • As soon as you finish studying the materials for the exam, start practicing with the help of PrepAway dumps that include the questions the previous test, as well as the correct answers. This will help you in understanding the exam pattern.

Using all the mentioned preparation techniques together will guarantee that you pass the Microsoft 70-774 certification exam and get your valuable credential.

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