[Sponsored Post] How To Reset Windows Passwords (Login and Administrator) for Free in 3 Steps?

The importance of windows password recovery software can only be seen in crunch situations. Generally to login to Windows you need a password so as to protect your PC from unethical intrusion. In other cases it can be administrator passwords that cause irritation as like in that of Windows 2003 server.

(Hope you don’t find in such situation) !

There can be other cases where you forget login passwords, changed by hackers, security mechanism failure and many other ways. In such cases, windows password reset tools come handy. They can “crack” your password or at least give the option to reset it.

It is just like forgetting your website username and password. In such case, you just have to click “Forgot password” and you will be available to recover you credentials.

But in Windows passwords, you are unable to enter into the system to get any further details. So this is a very discomfort situation.

How to Reset your Login or Admin Password on Windows 10 or 8.1. or 7?

Though there are many tools which come to the aid in such a situation, a paid option is totally unnecessary. Sometimes you can go through safe mode (by pressing F8) and check if there is any possibility to login.

If there is a total failure then a free windows password reset tool like PassFolk is advantageous. The developer has taken the pain to include various options, so that the process of recovery is very easy. He completed this project in his free time.

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The main advantage of PassFolk SaverWin is that it can prevent re-installing of Windows OS. This will save you from re-installing programs and apps in Windows 10. On the other side it saves time taken to go through the entire procedure of installing OS.

Generally a Windows 7 installation takes around 40 minutes, Windows 10 about 15 mintues and so for others. Then you have to install Office and other products which may take some 2 to 4 hours.

An entire day is wasted in this re-installation phase.

What is the process of Regaining Windows Passwords in 10 or 8.1 or 7?

You can create a password reset disk using USB or DVD/CD. On the home screen, both these options are provided. If BSOD error occurs, then these disks will be useful to login to your computer.

It is a 4 stage process.

1. Select a Windows version
2. Select a User
3. Reset Password or Add user
4. Reboot

I have personally tested this software on my multiple-boot-Windows OS and found it very useful. It quickly identified all the Windows versions (10, 8.1 and 7) on my PC. It reset my Windows 10 account password. This doesn’t mean it deleted the Microsoft account password, but made sure I can enter to Windows 10 without any password.

I was using PIN as authentication to enter Windows 10, but it was erased successfully. Now I need not enter any password to login to my system. If I want I can later set the pin again.

The help icon is not working properly. Also the software is not registered with Microsoft and shows “Unknown” during installation.

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What are the features ?

The following features are provided by the PassFolk tool

  • – Reset all password
  • – Support UEFI mode
  • – Add new user
  • – Reset Server Password

PassFolk can be very useful for Windows 10 or 8.1. Generally to login into it, you need a Microsoft account generally. So without the password it is hihgly unlikely you can use your system. This tool removes all types of account passwords. It includes admin password, user password, Windows server and mainly Microsoft account passwords.

It works on Windows 10 or 8.1 or 8 or 7 or Vista or XP.

By 2020, Intel has said that it would replace the BIOS with UEFI mode. Both BIOS and UEFI are low level intelligent programs that start during booting process. This is before the OS kicks in.

Generally old PCs only support BIOS. But modern systems have UEFI included during the manufacturing phase itself. The UEFI firmware allows you to boot from drives that are 2.2 TB or larger. UEFI uses the GPT partitioning scheme instead of MBR. It supports secure boot preventing malware in the initial stages.

So PassFolk can even crack passwords on Windows 10 even if its a UEFI based system.

Suppose you are the only user using your system. Now your brother and sister want separate accounts to use on the same Windows PC. Then you need to add them as additional users. But without password, it is not passible. In such case PassFolk comes to the aid.

Servers are huge system with tremendous data and power operations. Lot of back up takes place with such high end hardware. PassFolk can even reset passwords of Windows Server versions like 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, 2003 etc.

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This is part of the sponsored posts of reviewing different Windows products. A small payment fee is taken as to do the review and write the article. This includes testing the product and finally posting the article on this site.

[Sponsored Post] How To Reset Windows Passwords (Login and Administrator) for Free in 3 Steps?
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