[Guest Post] How To Create a Simple Free Logo within 2 Minutes Easily and Effectively?

One of the concrete foundation for a good website is its logo. It should reflect the site value and content. Take for example Nike logo. By just looking at its tick mark you can instantly identify a business, even if their name is not part of the logo.

You must have observed that you can easily guess the nature of business by looking at its logo for the first time. It must have been a new branded industry or product, but an image speak more than 1000 words. Symbols, Letters, Colors, Background etc all make a wonderful communication information about your business.

Just by looking at the integrated design, about 90% of the people can easily guess, what the business is offering in advance. Even if you don’t want the craziness of world domination with your product, these are certain advantages of a logo.

1. Boasts about your identity

Just look at the way Amazon branded its everything available products? Just by putting a curve from A to Z, you can easily understand that it is a complete circle of things. If you look at a book front cover, you can easily identify its contents.

A logo should do the same things, but with minimum effort. It can be imprinted on business cards, your websites, communicates ownership etc. Once your business becomes popular, people even don’t need to read anything about it on magazines. Just like Hillfiger, you see a logo on the t-shirt and it will reveal your identity.

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2. Build Audience who don’t know you

Films of black-and-white are of the past. People are stuck to an interesting design and color. The logo which will be your future trademark should be made to draw interest and dander the cuiosity of your likely customers. Just by taking a look at a website’s logo, people should be interested to subscribe, comment and make a conversion.

3. Basis for Strong Branding Efforts

It must be kept in mind that logo design is only a part of the company’s overall marketing strategy. Even if you spend $1000 or 1 week to design a logo or just 2 minutes, it is a step to determine company’s colors, fonts, tone and overall marketing effort.

How to Design an Iconic Website Logo in 2 Minutes?

There are lot of free and premium tools which boast the easiness with which you can make a logo. Some take lot of time learning the procedure and some are too complicated for a simple logo.

In other words, logo tools first allow you to desing something, but at the end ask you to pay to download it. But DesignEvo has a pricing tab at the top which makes it clear that it is not free and also has a lot of features.

But at the same time there is also a free version of making logos, but you just have to give credit.

Details about DesignEvo Packages

There are two premium packages – Basic ($19.99) and Plus ($39.99)

In the free version, you can make a logo, but can download only low resolution files (jpg,png). The high resolution images are limited to 500px. The editing and re-download features are limited.

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The Basic package has the following features –

  • No need to give credit
  • High resolution images of up to 5000px.
  • Transparent PNG
  • Edit and re-download several times
  • lifetime support
  • Print ready

The Plus package has additional benefits which cannot be found in Basic package.

  • You can download vector files (pdf, svg)
  • Download font files
  • Copyright ownership is yours completely

Simple Custom Logo Design in 2 Minutes

  1. To start with, “Sign up” for an account.
  2. Open the home page and click on “Make a Free logo“.
  3. On the next page, you can see Logo Templates.
  4. Under this there are different categories like – Animal & Pet, Business & Finanance, Travel & Hotel etc.
  5. There is also “Start from Scratch” option.


  1. To make it simple, select the first option.
  2. I have selected the “Technology & Communication“.
  3. You can select any of the pre-defined templates.
  4. On the left you can find these items – Icon, Text, Shape, Background
  5. You can search millions of icons to represent your brand.
  6. Then you can add a logo name and slogan if you have not done it before
    a. There are two styles of text – classic and art
    b. You can change the font type, size, background color, opaque effects etc.
  7. The next formation is you can add different shapes – badge, decoration, line, solid shape, outlined shape, banner, symbol
  8. In the next step, you can make the background transparent or any other color.
  9. The logo design is finished.
  10. Click on “Save” at the top.
  11. You can preview your logo now.
  12. Then click on “Download“.
  13. Select the appropriate plan
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There is a saying that “No lunch is free”. It works with logo making design companies also. If you want a branded logo without spending dollars on photo packages like Photoshop, this is a very good alternative. Otherwise, you can use Gimp and other free packages to make your logo.

But it requires lot of learning curve and is useful for complex designs. There are other companies which offer the same thing, but it is not as easy as this one. You can always choose the free option if you want to give credit to the company.

Let me know your views on this logo design making and try it for free. Then you tell me your experience. Share this post if you like it.

This is part of guest posts written for the product company. This includes testing the product myself and then writing the article based upon the return indicators. I don’t charge any fee for such articles, but if I find worthy products, do such posts.

[Guest Post] How To Create a Simple Free Logo within 2 Minutes Easily and Effectively?
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