Get Metro Tiles in Windows 8 to Windows 7 using Pulmon

If you’ve already seen the new start preview screen in Windows 8 OS, you’ve noticed the metro tiles feature. The upcoming OS, which is the next version of Windows 7, will ship with a Metro UI. It’s a tile based display information system, right on the screen.


Pulmon is a great software app or tool which brings the Windows 8 Metro UI tiles feature to Windows 7. It gives the options to add IE, User etc. Internet Explorer is added as a tile on the desktop. Clicking it will open IE. Some other commands of the tiles are as follows:

  • User – Clicking “User” tile will open User widget. You can open User Accounts. Double-click on the green place of tile or double-click on User Avatar. There are many tweaks available for user tile. Right click on the tile and click options. You can choose “Take User Avatar from Windows System” or choose custom avatar.
  • Control Panel– Clicking Control Panel tile will load control panel widget. You can open Control Panel by clicking on its tile. Its currently not more than a tile. It will get some features in next versions.
  • Clock– Pulmon will provide you a very cool widget “Clock”. It will show you time, month and day of the week. Some new tweaks will be provided to you in the next versions
  • Shutdown Manager– It’s a very easy to use widget which will allows you to control over you pc with one click. Shutdown, Restart, Log Off and Hibernate’s Options are given. Please note that  some of the features are not working.
  • Webby– Webby is another good widget which provides you quick access to tech sites like The Windows Club, IntoWindows, WinMatrix, AskVG etc..
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Download Pulmon Beta 3

How to use Pulmon?

  • Download the app, and run it.
  • You can see “Add Tiles” and “Remove tiles”.
  • Click a tile in the “Add Tiles” group e.g Internet Explorer  tile.
  • This will load the IE tile and will get removed from “Add Tiles” and appears in “Remove tiles” group.
  • Clicking the IE tile in “Remove tiles” will remove the tile.

Some Suggestions for Pulmon!

  • The developer can try to make the widgets customizable.
  • Presently on 6 tiles are possible, which can be increased.
  • The developer can add widget size options.
  • Webby can be customized to include custom links.
  • Widget for RSS feeds would look nice.
  • Weather widget is also a good option.

Pulmon is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows 7 OS.

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