Messaging App, Windows 8 – Block all Notifications from MSN and FaceBook

Have you tried the new Metro apps from Microsoft ? Messaging app, Windows 8 is one such app installed by default. It sends notifications in whichever app you are. Some like it and some dislike. If you are like me who want to block Messaging app services, there is a simple solution!

Once you are connected to the internet, this app uses its resources. So if you are on a limited or metered connections, Windows 8 Messaging app starts draining some of your bandwidth. But the flip side of stopping Messaging App services,  is you will not receive any notifications from your MSN or Facebook contacts.

Basically Messaging App logs in with your Microsoft Account (aka Windows Live Id) into your MSN.

How to Block Send or Receive Messages from Messaging App in Windows 8?

Open the app from the Start Screen in Windows 8.


If you are on a desktop, you can move your mouse to the bottom right of your screen. The Charms bar will open for this app.  From this click on Settings, present right side of the screen.


Now the “Settings” Charm for Messaging App will open. From that, click on Options.


Now you are provided with a slider bar which is turned “ON” by default. Move that slider to the left side, so that the option reads “OFF”.


This will stop Windows 8 from automatically signing into Messaging App (aka MSN). This not only stops automatic send and receive messages from the Messaging App, but blocks all notifications from MSN and Facebook and all the other services like LinkedIn which you are connected in MSN.

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Hope you have less headache with all those notifications in Messaging App, Windows 8. Comment if you have any problems with this solution or any other changes you find interesting.

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