New Theme for Windows 7: Morrowind Theme of Skyrim

If you’re a game lover and cannot hold back for “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim”; here comes a new theme for Windows 7 with wallpapers of Morrowind (best RPG’s made ever).


Skyrim is the most anticipated games of the year and will be released in Nov, 2011. Oblivion is to my liking, but is no comparison to Morrowind. Promisingly, Bethesda will be able to come up with a new game that can challenge Morrowind, to be the best ever open world RPG ever made. Dungeon Siege 3 is another recommended alternative, though it’s not an open world RPG, but Obsidian outdone themselves on DS3.



Download New Theme for Windows 7 : Morrowind Theme

This theme does not work on Windows 7 starter.

New Theme for Windows 7: Morrowind Theme of Skyrim
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