Windows 8 Price List of Pre-Orders from Sellers of Software and Devices

The pre-order sale of Windows 8 devices starts this Friday.

The switch from a desktop environment to a Metro interface is little challenging to Windows 7/Vista/XP customers. But after reviewing the comparison of Windows 8 vs Windows 7 features, if you are ready to switch over to the new mobile based OS, then here’s the Windows 8 price list of  pre-orders from different sellers.

Pre Order Sales of Windows 8 devices - Price List

New Egg

Here’s a look at the current pre-orders price list of Windows 8 version being taken over at NewEgg.

  • Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Full Version) – OEM ($99.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (Full Version) – OEM ($139.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32-bit (Full Version) – OEM ($139.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade ($69.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit (Full Version) – OEM ($99.99)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Pack – Product Key Card (no media) ($69.99)

Best Buy

Free shipping and guaranteed delivery of your item on Oct. 26th, 2012 is the first-knock-out competitive service provided by Best Buy. The conditions are that you need to pre-order a Windows 8 PC  from Best Buy before noon Central/1 Eastern on Wednesday, October 24.

The different list of items that you can buy from Best Buy include laptops, ultrabooks, desktop pcs from various brands like Asus, Dell, Gateway HP, Toshiba, Samsung, and Sony.

The Windows 8 price list of some devices is as under:

You can order an Hewlett-Packard Envy h8-1414 desktop PC for $700. The recent release of Acer M5-581T Ultrabook which runs a 64 bit Windows 8 is also available at Best Buy. The Ultrabook weighs 5.1 pounds and is priced at $600. Best Buy is also offering Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 which runs Windows 8 64 bit for a lucrative price of $1000.

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But sorry to say that M5-481PT which is a 14-inch Ultrabook is still not available at the same vendor.


The competitive offer from Staples is that you will receive free data transfer service from your old Windows 7 or Vista computer, if you order a Windows 8 PC from Staples priced at $699 and above.

The Asus Vivo Tab TF600 costs just $600 at Staples. You can also pre-order the Vivo Tab’s keyboard dock for $170. There is good news for Ultrabook fans from Staples. You can pre-order the HP Envy Ultrabook 4-1130us for $850. The 11.6-inch Samsung Series 5 slate costs  $650 only.

Tiger Direct is selling a number of HP Probook laptops for an affordable price range of $600 to $680 featuring 14- or 15.6-inch screen sizes. Dell is offering several Windows 8 laptops and tablets for sale including the XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook which starts at $1200. The other noteworthy devices are the XPS One 27 and Inspiron One 23.

Dell is selling the trickle-prickle Dell XPS 12Windows 8 laptop-tablet hybrid for £999 (US$1200).  Also available from Dell are the XPS One 27 with all-in-one touchscreen desktop PC starting at £1,779 (US$1,599) and the Inspiron One 23 all-in-one which kicks pricing off at £879 (US$779.99).

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