Complete Tutorial on Remote Desktop in Windows 8

Cloud Computing and Remote Access have changed the world to suit the latest trends. Both are twisted together that one can easily supplement the other. For example, you would like to send a file from your computer to your friend’s computer.

  • The earlier method was just attaching the file to your email and send it.
  • Next, the method got improved and you host your file on a file sharing service like Mediafire, DropBox, RapidShare etc and you download it from there.
  • Next is the cloud way, you just drop your file in your Google Drive or SkyDrive and you can share it with your friend.
  • The next way is to remotely connect to your friend’s PC and borrow the file to yours.

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This way we see the advantages of remote desktop access from a Windows 8 PC. Remote desktop access allows you to share your desktop, your files and your programs from any Internet-connected system in the world. Remote desktop access saves time. You can fix your computer remotely by accessing it through internet and fixing it in matter of seconds. Sometimes you need to pay higher for multi-license software which you can avoid using remote access desktop.

Below you can see a YouTube video of how to enable remote desktop in Windows 8.

Get to Settings in Windows 8


YouTube Video – Remote Desktop Access from a Windows 8 PC

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection Feature in Windows 8

Before you remotely connect your PC to another desktop, you need to enable that feature in Windows 8. Its just like what you have been doing in Vista and 7.

Somehow, open the System Properties window and go to the Remote tab. You can do this in this fashion.

Step 1: Click on “Start” button of Windows 8. Then Click “Search” Option there.

Step 2: A Windows 8 sidebar will be enable. Click on “Settings”.

Step 3: Type “Remote Desktop Connection” in Search box of Win8 Sidebar.


Then as you can see in the above screenshot, check “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” under Remote Assistance box and select “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)” under Remote Desktop pane.

This will make your system ready for remote access for Windows 8.

Setup to make Windows 8 Remote Desktop to work?

      1. Click on “Remote Desktop” by clicking the Windows 8 Start button on which the Start Screen opens.
      2. Click on the Start button again without closing the above program and Select Settings.
      3. Under Settings click on “Preferences”. Here you can put the server name and quality of connection. You can set the quality of the connection between the two pcs based upon your internet connection and computer speed.
      4. Next click on Return icon and Select “Control system access for remote” and turn on mic ON or OFF.
      5. Finally fill the remote desktop address and press enter to connect.

Finally you are connected!

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