What’s new in Kaspersky 2013 – Review and Features

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Beta offers a wide range of security solutions and being one of the new-trends of Kaspersky Labs of products,  contemplates to be a multi-tiered protection of personal computers and laptops. The new features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013, which is still in development stage include – -System Watcher -Malware Search -Safe Desktop -Enhanced Rescue Disk -Smart Installer Mode

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If you are on Windows 8, you can install the “Kaspersky Now” app. Kaspersky Now displays your PC’s protection status (threats, database, license, and recommended actions) and also lets you quickly launch Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Internet Security features. For further information visit this link.


Disclaimer : The above software are still in beta stage and the responsibility of its use completely lies with you.

Kaspersky Internet Security is an all-in-one protection from various kinds of threats like malware, hacker exploits, spam, rootkits, phishing messages, persistent pop-up ads etc. In addition to the default anti-virus protection offered by this product, it includes a new generation personal Firewall, a pro-active Defense component offering protection against unknown threats, a Privacy Component protecting kids from internet fraud, and Anti-Spam component which filters out unsolicited emails. Kaspersky-2013-release-date Safe Money Technology Kaspersky 2013 is offering more advantages than its predecessor 2012, when coming to online protection and malware removal. Taking into account of the recent changes in online cyber activity and criminals mindset, Kaspersky has come up with Safe Money technology to prevent online fraud. This technology is useful if you are a frequent user of credit cards online and internet banking. The concept behind this technology is to isolate browser related businesses and make them safe. This includes checking the authenticity of a commercial website online store.  Safe Money technology uses on-screen Virtual Keyboard to enter the password and credit card number without holding the keyboard, which makes key-logging malware almost impossible. The 2013 line of products are intelligent enough, that it provides an improved anti-phishing engine with its renowned ability to detect phishing sites by analyzing their content in real-time. Safe Money mechanism can also guard against fraud by checking the reputation of site certificates. This feature which was formerly known as Safe Run for websites is now part of Safe Money. When consumers enter a financial web site, Kaspersky will put the browser in high-safe mode, making the security highly impossible to decipher. The users can also choose this high-security mode manually also. Automatic Exploit Prevention Kaspersky added another tool in its armory, which that can block even the most recent malware/virus exploits unknown to-date. Malware exploit vulnerabilities are also taken care-of using this technology. At the recent Kaspersky Reviewers Roundup in San Francisco, Oleg Ishanov, Kaspersky’s Director of Malware Research listed the steps required for an exploit to succeed.

        1. the user opens a malicious file or visits a malicious site;
        2. the exploit passes control to malicious shell-code;
        3. the shell-code downloads a malware payload;
        4. the payload launches;
        5. malware is now running on the victim’s system.
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Automatic Exploit Prevention works in such a way that it can stop the malware exploit at various steps. The 2013 line of products adds a new technology called “forced ASLR” (Address Space Layout Randomization). This new technology is already present in Mac OS and iOS and to some extent in Windows. This method of defense relocated modules in memory, making it tough for the exploit to execute in step 2 above. This even works in Windows XP. Another advantage of the same is that it lays emphasis on process execution control, preventing the payload to launch in step 4 above. According to Kaspersky’s internal lab test results, this mechanism can block 100% of exploits made to computer systems on the basis of BlackHole exploit kit. Kaspersky 2013 based products are still in beta stage and the release date is expected to be in Aug, 2012. The latest version is to the date of writing this post. Let us know in your comments your experience with Kaspersky 2013 products and your interest in purchasing it.

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  1. I am using KIS since 5 years but now they have gone over board.

    the KIS 2013 and Kav 2013 is hell lot bigger
    software. (3times heavy)

    150 mb installer and 150 mb update.??

    it tramendaously slows the system, even win 7

    compared to KIS2010 — 2011 was slight heavy like
    wise 2012 was some more heavy but run on XP. but 2013.

    if you want Kaspersky now get 10 gb
    ram, windows 10, 10 TB hdd and i 10 2nd gen. !!

    i think i will not renew now once my KIS2012



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