Use BitLet when uTorrent or BitTorrent Access is Denied

Torrents are a popular way of downloading music, movies and TV shows. Generally, you would be using a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent to download .torrent files and see the status of torrent downloads like number of files, seeds, peers, download transfer rate, upload transfer rate etc. It is also imperative that you have administrative rights on your computer/laptop to allow uTorrent to be used as a Bit Torrent client. Sometimes, Firewall exceptions are required to allow uTorrent to download the torrents.

BitLet – Web Based Bit Torrent client

What if you are in school, college, university, office where your access to uTorrent is denied. The only other way around is to use a web based torrent client like BitLet. This Java based torrent client allows you to download torrents directly from the browser. This is just like any other desktop or offline client without any drawbacks.

This BitTorrent client lets you download your torrents with maximum speed possible for your internet connection.

BitLet HomePage

How to download a file ?

To download a torrent using BitLet, you either need the torrent metafile URL or .torrent file.  To get the required torrent metafile URL or .torrent file you can go to a torrent search engine like mininova and download the torrent file. To get the URL you can right click on the torrent download link, copy the link location (eg. and then paste it in the input box provided on the homepage of Then, you just need to click the “Download torrent” button.

But in the case of some torrent search engines like, Torrentz, URL will not be provided and you have to download the .torrent file. Once the .torrent file is downloaded to your local system, you need to browse to .torrent file location using the “Select local torrent” button and then click “Download torrent” button to download the torrent.

You will be asked for the location where to save the file/folder you download using the torrent. But in some cases, easiest of all, there will be a direct download link like “Download by bitlet” , like in suprnova or gameupdates using which you can download the files automatically with this web based torrent client.

Download Progress of Torrent using BitLet

Here’s a quick explanation (borrowed from the Azureus project’s web site) of what is the meaning of those small and cute status icons.


Other Features!

There are certain other features like upload, settings, bookmarklet etc which expand its utility. To upload a file, just click on the upload link at the top and you will be asked to browse to the location of the file/folder for which you want to create a .torrent file and click on “Create metafile” button. That’s it!  You can also change incoming connection port and the maximum upload rate in Kbps.

My Review!

Though I download a torrent using this web client, the service was not flawless. I initially got a Java exception error when I first tried to download a torrent. The error was like “Error occurred while choosing directory” and I had to clear the browser cache several times using Ctrl + Alt + Del, before the error disappeared and I could download the file.

Also, the web service is only in development stages and several enhancements are possible. For eg, you can make BitLet more versatile by giving the option to the user to select which files to download out of a torrent, just like in uTorrent or BitTorrent. You can create a Firefox addon to systematically manage downloads and uploads. You can display a status of the download time remaining etc.

Another disadvantage I found with this Java based web client is you cannot download magnet URIs or links like from etc. You can also make the service work behind proxies like squid or set up a in-built torrent search engine like Torrentz etc.

As a final conclusion I can say that whenever you don’t have access to desktop or offline client like uTorrent or BitTorrent, BitLet does the job in an amicable manner and you’ll love it when your uTorrent access is denied.

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  • bibincnambiar Apr 22, 2015, 12:35 am

    Is there any max file limit for download in bitlet??? Will I be able to download a 6 GB file.

    • Palla Sridhar Apr 22, 2015, 2:36 pm

      @ bibincnambiar: I think it’s better to find alternatives to bitlet, now. Because, the blog is updated in 2010. Also the home page of this service, doesn’t say anything about file limit.

  • Charissa Mar 21, 2014, 8:43 pm

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