How to Customize Internet Explorer 9 ?

Internet Explorer 10 is making noise with the advent of Windows 8 Customer preview. But if you are a Windows 7 or Vista user, you would still be using Internet Explorer 9. Though IE9 has been around for sometime, customizing different options has been not that easy. Either you need to know the intricacies of this browser or you need to be a smart geek.

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IE9 Tweaker Plus is a useful software program that allows you to tweak and customize over 27 settings of Internet Explorer 9. Using this software you can even create shortcuts for opening IE9 in InPrivate mode. Earlier we talked about IE PassView & LastPass which can be used to customize the password settings of IE9.

Download IE9 Tweaker Plus v2.0

The program was developed by “Lee Whittington” for TheWindowsClub. The software will download as a zip file and there is no necessity of installing the software. You can run the “IE9 Tweaker Plus v2.exe” to customize the different settings of IE9. The publisher is yet to be verified by Microsoft, so the UAC in your OS will show the status of the publisher as “unknown”. Since “TheWindowsClub” is a trustable source, you can run the software.


Appearance Tweaks:

  • Show/Lock Menu Bar
  • Show/Lock Command Bar
  • Show/Lock Links Bar
  • Show/Hide Status Bar
  • Show large/small icons
  • Toggle 3D border
  • Use Clear Type fonts
  • Toggle Caret Browsing
  • Always start in full screen
  • Tweak maximum connections and downloads
  • Set maximum rows on New Tab page: 2 to 5
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Security Tweaks:

  • Disable Internet Options
  • Disable Menu Bar
  • Disable Command Bar
  • Disable Links bar
  • Disable Favorites
  • Fix savings passwords issue
  • Disable full-screen
  • Disable RSS feeds pane
  • Disable Windows Search – web history indexing
  • Set InPrivate Home page
  • Create InPrivate Desktop Shortcut
  • Create InPrivate Start Menu shortcut

As you can see in the above screenshot, the software interface is divided into two parts. The first part talks about customizing the browsing and appearance settings. You can also create a custom homepage(s) for Internet Explorer 9 and also apply this same tweak to other browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc with a few changes.

The second part talks about security and personal settings. Also, if you emphasize more on security in IE9 and a frequent user of InPrivate mode, there are settings for customization of this behavior. You can create a homepage to open whenever you start browsing in InPrivate mode. Also, you can create a Desktop shortcut and Start Menu shortcut to quickly open IE9 in InPrivate mode and do secure browsing.

How to Create InPrivate mode HomePage, Desktop shortcut, Start Menu shortcut ?

  • Click on the “InPrivate Homepage” button on the software interface which is under Security/Personal pane.
  • A pop-up opens asking you to enter the URL of the homepage, you wish to customize, in the textbox.
  • Click Apply and Close.

Note:  If after sometime, you want to restore the default homepage of InPrivate mode, you just need to click the “Default Page” button on the same pop-up.

InPrivate_desktop_shortcut_IE9_Tweaker_PlusCreating a Desktop shortcut and Start Menu shortcut is also just as simple as this. Just click on the appropriate button on the main interface and you will be asked to locate the path for Internet Explorer. By default, it locates the path, if not you have to browse to the location of iexplorer.exe, which is generally in C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplorer.exe where C: is your windows installation path.

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How to Create Custom HomePage in Internet Explorer 9

  • Click “Create a HomePage” under Appearance/Browsing section of the main interface.
  • The HomePage Maker software opens.
  • To add a website to the homepage, enter the name and URL of the website in the box provided.

You can customize this homepage like setting the background to different colors or images. You can also make a logo to display for each site. You can set the font type, size and color for the website you want to view. You can also make a search engine like “Google” or “Bing” display in the form of search box above or below links. In this way, you can add upto 18 website links on the homepage.

You can make your comments below on how the IE9 Tweaker Plus worked and which tweaks/settings you made to comfort your taste.

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